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Product Description
Small, portable and robust, the M1 Shruti Box sets the standard for sound quality, craftsmanship and ease of use.  The instrument is hand-made using solid woods chosen for their acoustic properties. The body is made from spruce which produces a full-bodied, resonant tone. The reed-board is made from Burmese teak, a hard wood with excellent tonal clarity and definition. High grade metal reeds are fitted in all our instruments. Every aspect of our instrument has been considered from the quality of the smallest brass screw to the type of lacquer finish and its effect on the sound.  The M1 uses a double-sided sprung bellows design.  This makes the instrument easy to play, while providing a smooth sustained drone sound with good volume control.

Three different tunings are available: C, A# and Low G – each with a one octave chromatic scale based on A440 concert pitch. The instrument comes with a neat laptop style shoulder bag in charcoal grey. Dimensions: 38 x 25 x 6.5 cm. Weight: 3.5kg.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping costs will vary according to country.
You may request shipping cost by email to before making purchase, or you may complete purchase and we will send separate payment request for shipping.


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